• «The buildings of past times are not ours. They belong, partly to those who built them, and partly to all the generations of mankind who are to follow us»


    John Ruskin


         Cultural Heritage, such as historical monuments, belongs to all mankind and unifies us all. It is the task of all nations to preserve these masterpieces of human thought and creation. If we do not protect the traces of our past – it will be difficult to build a prosperous future.In Moldova, on the embankment of the Dniester River, there stands a monument to cultural diversity which once unified all peoples of this land. This breathtaking architectural site is truly one of a kind, not only on Moldovan soil, but throughout the world.
    In 1912, the Russian Czar Nicholas II, ordered 12 churches to be built throughout the Russian Empire in honor of his son, the hemophilic Heir Apparent, Aleksey. The 12 churches were to be built for health of Aleksei and to be shared by all. Before his death, Czar Nicholas II could only build one such church, the Church of Aleksey in Pohrebya, Moldova which was erected there before the Russian Revolution.Long after the Russian Royal family was gone, the monument of faith and health erected by the Czar continued to bring together Moldovans, Russians, Ukrainians and many others. The Church of Aleksey remained intact until 1944.
         During World War II the village of Pohrebia was subject to heavy bombing and shelling. The Church of Aleksey, as the tallest structure in the region, was almost completely destroyed. The bell tower and the cupola were demolished and the walls of the church were shelled.
    Today the church continues to stand on the banks of the river as a reminder of the past. The walls continue to crumble yearly, and if it is not preserved, in a few more decades this unique monument to health and unity will be completely destroyed and forgotten. It is up to us to preserve and to restore the memory of generations!
    To preserve this beautiful cultural artifact, we formed an initiative group. The group consisted of the local people of Pohrebye, the Moldavian Metropolitan Church as well as other concerned individuals from Moldova and abroad.
     The group formed a Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organization “Memorie Generaţiilor” (The Memory of Generations) registered in Chisinau, Moldova. Memorie Generaţiilor aims to attract businesses, organizations and individuals who are interested in the preservation of this historical site.
     Dear friends, we encourage you to participate in the restoration of this unique cultural site, a monument to our heritage, the Church of Aleksey. This project gives all of us involved in the reconstruction a chance to feel like one people united by one cause. A group which will rebuild not only the Church of Aleksey, but also preserve our common past and create a prosperous future.

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    Consecration of the foundation of the church “Saintly Tsars Martyrs” in the Pohrebea village, Dubasari rayon

    Centenary of the St. Aleksey church in the Pohrebea village

    On 05 November 2011 the first subbotnik took place, aiming at cleaning of the St. Aleksey church territory