• 03 Oct 2013

         With the blessing of the Metropolitan of Chisinau and of All Moldova Vladimir on 03 October 2013 the synod of priests headed by the priest Teodor Pelin, the archpriest of Dubasari and Criuleni, has consecrated the church of St. Aleksey, situated in the Pohrebea village, Dubasari rayon.

         This significant event was long-awaited by the congregation, as till now they had no church in their village to pray. The church restoration anticipates long-term and labour-intensive actions.

         As it is known, the tsar Nikolay II had five children, from which only one was a boy named Aleksey. Aleksey was sick with a dreadful and incurable blood disease.

         On the insistence of his spiritual guardian, the tsar Nikolay II started construction of four churches and one cathedral. These were to be built in honour of the Hierarch Aleksey – the Metropolitan of Moscow and of All Russia, who was the divine guardian of his son, and were envisaged to be situated in different places of the tsarist Russia with the hope of tsarevitch recovery.

             Regrettably, the tsar had time to build only one of the planned churches and this is the church placed in the Pohrebea village. This was the reason for the decision to name the church in honour of the Saintly Tsars Martyrs (4/17 July).

    The reconstruction works started with the financial assistance of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova and the personal contribution of the priest Dmitrii Darmanchev.

    Saintly Martyrs pray to God for us!