• 18 Oct 2012

         No ringing of bells is heard and no Orthodox services may be attended for almost one hundred years in the church of the Pohrebea village, situated in Dubasari rayon. This monument of architectural and spiritual value was demolished by artillery bombardments during the World War II. In order to avoid a total oblivion and dilapidation of the St. Aleksey church, a group of priests gathered to consecrate the ruins, thus attracting attention to the necessity of the church restoration.

          By its centenary anniversary the condition of the St. Aleksey church in the Pohrebea village is under the threat of collapse. During the Iasi-Chisinau operation in August 1944 the church, as an overtopping building, was fired by the Nazi troops. Bullets’ and shell splinters’ holes are still seen on the church walls.

    People from the Pohrebea village say that the church has a wonderful and interesting history. It was erected in 1912 by the Russian Emperor Nikolay II with the aim to facilitate the recovery of his son, who was severely sick.

    During the communists’ time the church was transformed into a storehouse, as it was done in many other holy places. During the armed conflict at the Dniester River the church was again used for the military purposes.

    Till now one may found many empty cases around the church of the Pohrebea village, while the church roof is overgrown with grass and trees. The village dwellers, in their turn, have to visit churches in the neighbouring villages and when needed invite priests to come to Pohrebea.

    Notwithstanding its beautifulness, the church does not attract attention of the high-level officials and is not part of the list of monuments protected by the state. Huge financial means are needed for the church reconstruction. Only the preparation of the restoration project at present amounts to 1 million Moldovan Lei.

    FOTO : VZOROV.md