• 31 Jul 2013

        The building of the St. Aleksey church in the Pohrebea village, situated in the Dubasari rayon, may fully dilapidate. No Orthodox services have taken place in this chuch for approximately 70 years.

        Rayon councillors suggest turning the church into a place of touristic interest. However, the mayor of Pohrebea and the local priest are categorically against this path.

         A project on partial restoration of the church is being funded by the Regional Development Agency with the budget amounting to about 5 million Moldovan Lei. When the repair works are over, the church is planned to be included in a tourist route. Local priest criticises this idea.

         “These are somebody’s interests. We were directly told that even if the church would be restored, in any case it would not be active as a church” – noted the priest of the St. Aleksey church Dmitrii Darmanchev.

    The St. Aleksey church was built 100 years ago on the orders of the Emperor Nikolay II. Now it became a matter of dispute between representatives of the rayon and local administrations.

           “We found the necessary resources and people who are ready to implement this project on attracting tourists; however, there are people having their own interests, who stopped this process” – declared the President of the Dubasari rayon Grigorii Polichinskii.

           “We do not understand the approach, as we will have to print advertising materials inviting tourists to come and go. This means that we will deal with business, but rayon will gain the profit” – said the mayor of the Cosnitsa commune Alexandr Leshan.

    The local residents, nevertheless, hope that the discordances will be overcome.

    “We want the church to be restored with the help of God and people”.

    “We want very much to firstly construct a small church and later a big one”.

    The Emperor Nikolay II ordered to build this church in honour of his son Aleksey who was sick with haemophilia.