• 25 Nov 2010


           On 22 November 2010 the Registration Chamber of the Republic of Moldova has registered the public organisation “Memorie Generatiilor” (“Memory of Generations”). The scope of the creation of this organisation is restoration of the St. Aleksey church in the Pohrebea village, Dubasari rayon, Republic of Moldova. We would like to congratulate all people, who are not indifferent to this task, with the start of a big and important action! The information on the registration of the public organisation is as follows:

    Name: “Memorie Generatiilor

    Short name: Association

    Legal form: Public Association

    Type: Republican

    Locality: Mun. Chisinau

    Registration number: 4812

    IDNO: 1010620008554

    Fiscal code: not available

    Date of registration: 22 November 2010

    Scopes: Restoration of the St. Aleksey church in the Pohrebea village, Dubasari rayon and beautification of the adjacent territory.



    Position: President

    Name: Alexandru Andrei Sevcenco

    Date of appointment: 15 October 2010

    Mandate expiry date: 15 October 2015



    Certificate number: 002744

    Certificate status: Original

    Certificate issue date: 30 November 2010

    Last modification date: 30 November 2010

    Address: Mun. Chisinau, 110 Burebista Str.


    Bank details:

    Asociația Obștească «Memorie Generațiilor»

    c.f. 1010620008554,

    с/d 22511621622la BC Moldova-Agroindbanc, filiala nr. 8

    or. Chişinau, codul băncii AGRNMD2X455